Mutants of the World

As modern methods of genetic manipulation become more commonplace, we endeavor to chronicle the most interesting, helpful, or artful examples of the craft of genetic manipulation.

Spine Tree

This protein synthesis matrix in plant form can quickly be grown without need of expensive bioreactors. They are grown in greenhouse environments, and can provide a matched and typed host with stem cells and material for spinal transplants.

tags: bones, tree, planimal, medical


Arbitrary morphological idealism was the goal at Platonic Mutants, and the Raccone is the first result of their efforts. This animal even begins life as a single idealized cone.

tags: racoon, cone, geometric

Roller Gecko

These lizards pick stones which they grind with their hard claws. Eventually they are able to use the stones as wheels to allow them to travel at extreme speeds along hardened desert crusts. Their modified tail can catch wind, or paddle furiously to propel the lizard while all four limbs are supported on wheels. The spheres they generate are used as ball-bearings.

tags: gecko, windsail, balls, desert

Hornjaw Ox

This hearty Ungulate has been modified to be omnivorous. It feeds on fish and water weeds using highly specialized feeding horns, which interface with two lower-jaw tusks to create an extra-cranial mouth.

tags: Ox, mandibles, horns, pond, fish

July Beetle

This brightly colored Coleoptera is not only ornate, but is also capable of creating spontaneous fireworks. This insect continues the tradition of naming insects after months of the year.

tags: months, fireworks, beetle

Kermit Crab

This humorous tribute to Jim Henson can be found in Grimoirotech's growth tanks.

tags: decapod, puppet

Sea Giraffe

This mutant mammal is an advanced melange of seal, peccary, and okapi. It can breathe through its 'snorkel trunk', and can swim faster than almost any other marine mammal.

tags: marine mammal, ocean, seagulls


These amphibious mutants are at home on land or on the water. Getting a mammal to float in fresh water is simple enough, but getting the mutant's ears to paddle was an impressive innovation.

tags: rabbit, boat, transportation


Paris Zoo-Synth Group is at it again! This mutant has perfect radial symmetry, and can hop shockingly high. They even worked out a symmetrical internal morphology.

tags: UFO, toad, radial symetry

Croc Pot

Cook food on the go - without expensive fuel or messy electrical cords to keep track of! The Croc Pot uses a unique metabolic thermo-regulation to cook foods at a selectable temperature. It also very rarely bites back.

tags: crocodile, useful, food