Mutants of the World

As modern methods of genetic manipulation become more commonplace, we endeavor to chronicle the most interesting, helpful, or artful examples of the craft of genetic manipulation.

Baleen Bat

The baleen bat is an active nocturnal predator. It uses it's soft, bristly baleen to scoop flying insects out of the air. It then uses its long prehensile tongue to pick tasty bugs from its baleen swatter.

tags: baleen whale, bat


Many dental professionals do not get to practice with advanced issues of alignment and occlusion. Learning on the job can lead to discomfort for patients. Recently ZooTeX developed this tusked tapir/rhinoceros hybrid that could offer up plenty of practice.

tags: dentistry, teeth, rhino

Stealth Air Turle

Dr. Borealis worked with SeaScape FunPark and the Jet Propulsion Labs in Pasadena, CA to create this turtle (technically a terrapin) for military service. The animal is invisible to radar and can travel at up to Mach 2.

tags: turtle, flying, military


The Mammalarium offers what must be the largest amphibious mutant to date. Sticky pads on its feet allow this 1500 kg. animal to climb walls and even hang from ceilings.

tags: hippopotamus, gecko, climbing

Fox Gnus

These simple seeming hybrid mammals from Genentech are actually quite a feat. After many attempts the carnivorous and herbivorous aspects were fairly balanced.

tags: fox, gnu, Newscorp, fairandbalanced


This big bird is sure to be a hit in any home. Finally a festive, decorative domestic animal that compliments any home during the Holiday season!

tags: avian, tree, planimal, big bird

Shellfish Pig

While the laws of Kashrut do not specifically forbid genetically altered animal meats, we're pretty sure those keeping Kosher should avoid this fascinating high protein source from RecomboCo Labs.

tags: kosher, pig, lobster, ocean, food

Platypus Billed Duck

This unique entry from Genentech continues their cutting edge work with water fowl. The mix of mammal and bird features allows this duck to remain active and comfortable in extreme cold.

tags: platypus, duck, beak, pond

Penguin with Radial Symmetry

Finally the age—old dream of a penguin with radial symmetry has been fulfilled by Paris Zoo—Synth Group.

tags: penguin, radial symmetry


Seeing as it had always bothered him that 'starfish' were not actually fish, Dr. Ronald Patterson (head of goldfish manipulation at Genentech) developed this simple star variation on the angel fish.

tags: fish, ocean, star, ornamental