Mutants of the World

As modern methods of genetic manipulation become more commonplace, we endeavor to chronicle the most interesting, helpful, or artful examples of the craft of genetic manipulation.


Dairy production has not been able to keep up with increased demand. The geniuses at Bikaner Breeding developed this camel which can produce more milk than any other mammal. They are still working on a Bactrian version - with twice as much production capacity. The mascot Moe Camel can be seen on the Dairy's Packaging.

tags: camel, milk, udders, desert


Soothing gels are one level of healing. Another is gel that will stimulate new limb growth. Reptiles can grow new limbs, but humans cannot — unless they use gel from this handy mutant!

tags: aloe, alligator, planimal, kitchen


This clearly engineered animal has been modified to rid rainforest environments of annoying insects late at night. A boon to the logging industry, the aye-aye prevents prime wood from being destroyed by burrowing grubs.

tags: April Fools, Madagascar, lemur, forest


A dangerous animal if provoked, but generally placid. The animal offers shade and decoration to any back yard. Great for weddings or picnics!

tags: gazelle, giraffe, backyard, radial symetry


Finally a reliable source for small novelty canoes! The Toucanoe uses its unique bill to collect loads of berries from high up in the jungle canopy.

tags: toucan, canoe, jungle

Venus Bear Trap

This easy to maintain mutant plant has been made to finally solve the bear problem. Left wing groups have objected to shooting bears, but these plants can kill bears naturally — in any season.

tags: venus flytrap, bear, forest

Moiré Eel

When two patterns are overlapped they can create shimmering effects (moiré). This Anguilliform is capable of creating a moiré with its translucent lined skin. This creates illusory movement which distracts predators and prey alike.

tags: eel, pattern, ocean

Dusk Mite

The sun will never set on this invertebrate! The Creature Shoppe in London manufactured this example of extreme gigantism. The main challenge was keeping it from crushing itself under its own weight. Only three of these mutants are known to exist.

tags: mite, sunset, giant

Angel Teddy

Centre d'Etude du Polymorphisme Animal worked hard to create this perfect gift for your special Valentine. Just make sure you return the animal to CEPA sample control before it turns 2.

tags: bear, angel, mythological

Cow Buoy

A real Wild West Cow Buoy can be found throughout the Gulf Coast. Pjotr Baerbel at Orenburg Labs modified a dugong, adding with phosphorescent surface pigment for night visibility. (The bell is applied separately after maturation.)

tags: sea cow, manatee, ocean, marine mammal, useful