Mutants of the World

As modern methods of genetic manipulation become more commonplace, we endeavor to chronicle the most interesting, helpful, or artful examples of the craft of genetic manipulation.


tags: cinnamon, monster, planimal

X Y Zebra

Precise control of dermal pigmentation has now been achieved at a shocking new level. Herumalbern Labs are responsible for this impressive display.

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The distracting display of pigment keeps this massive mutant safe from mega-predators like the land kraken. In bright sun the hypnopotamus can cause the bright parts of the skin to become dark (and vice versa).

tags: hippopotamus, hypnosis, land kraken?


Many people have objected to anthropic mutants on moral or aesthetic grounds, but this mutant has gained popularity despite it's human-like features. The Autoharpie can play and sing almost any song on demand, as they can quickly memorize new works, and enjoy listening to music.

tags: harpie, autoharp, mythical, musical


Protecting increasingly endangered open-sea fish populations has become more work than UN teams can handle alone. These intelligent mutants are taking up the slack. They combine intelligence with a vicious defense against fishing nets.

tags: porcupine, porpoise, ocean, marine mammal

Camo Mammoth

Many cities have made pet mammoths illegal. This pachyderm can blend in when being given its daily walk. No more expensive livestock tickets to pay!

tags: elephant, camouflage, urban

Chainsaw Landshark

Apex Inc. wanted to offer up an organic safety saw that could assist at construction sites or in a hobbyist's workshop. This beautiful mutant was the result of three years' effort.

tags: shark, monster, useful


Research into distributed nervous system function in advanced zooids has lead to this charming house-pet. Larger populations of meerkaterpillars often stack themselves to see further than they can just standing on their hind legs.

tags: meerkat, caterpillar


Rumors of the U.S. Mutant Research Council's post-nuclear survival program turn out to be true. The Kangaroach is part pack animal - part armored boxing soldier.

tags: kangaroo, cockroach, military

Hue Mongoose

This is no Rikki-Tikki-Tavi - this is a mongoose of a different color! Ecotopia Labs present this impressive manipulation of pigmentation alleles. Apart from the unusual colors, this mutant is morphologically identical to its natural cousin.

tags: mongoose, colors, humongous