Mutants of the World

As modern methods of genetic manipulation become more commonplace, we endeavor to chronicle the most interesting, helpful, or artful examples of the craft of genetic manipulation.


It's a Genetically Modified Organism that delivers compulsory vaccine doses. I'm sure the release of such an animal would be completely without controversy!

tags:mutant, mosquito, medicine, useful

Romanta ray

This little decorative animal is for when your resort vacation canoodling needs a little underwater encouragement.

tags:mutant,ray, ocean, romance

Ham Radio

Nothing makes breakfast better than a little ham - radio that is! This pleasant household pet will receive AM, FM, and weather band radio signals.

tags:mutant, pig, radio, object, useful


This great bedside companion keeps perfect time without any need for electricity or winding. Just feed it a fresh fish every week.

tags:mutant, alarm clock, crocodile, object, useful

Very Lucky Rabbit

Leapus Labs needed a way to support the lucrative 'lucky rabbit's foot' industry, so they used the classic radial symmetry technique to create this jaunty mutant. As an added treat, they made sure this mutant developed in decorative eggs - a perfect Easter mutant.

tags:mutant, easter, rabbit, hare, bunny ,easter eggs, radial symmetry


These primates can swing from the trees, and also swing from each-other.

tags: jungle, primate, object, orangutan


This delightful animal can open almost any lock with just a flick of its tail.

tags: farm, donkey, key, lock


Recalling all of the the various Numeripodes helps us count in Greek!

tags: ocean, cephalopods, counting, arms, tentacles

Box Turtle

An easily shipped and packed ornamental pet for compact homes. Can also be used as a fun building material for young owners.

tags: box, turtle, pond, ornamental

Tree-Toed Sloth

These slow-moving planimals provide ample leaf cover to other arboreal plants and animals in rapidly deforested regions.

tags: tree, sloth, rainforest, slow, planimal