Mutants of the World

As modern methods of genetic manipulation become more commonplace, we endeavor to chronicle the most interesting, helpful, or artful examples of the craft of genetic manipulation.


InGen continues to show off their advanced handling of Jurassic animals with these clever architectural details. The stiff tail of the raptor will support a tall ceiling, and InGen raptors can live off of cheap RaptorChow.

tags: velociraptor, rafter, paleo

Squid Zeppelin

This cuddlefish can deliver personal goods as it silently drifts in midair. It can also get around the house at higher speeds using jets. Makes a great pet!

tags: cuttlefish, flying, pet

Pumpkin Patch

Every holiday season we see countless pumpkins killed to create short-term decorations. Now those pumpkins can be restored with the application of these all natural restorative patches. The 'pumpkin patch' plant keeps the pumpkin from dying, and pumps nutrients into the melon's flesh. In return, the patch gains moisture and exposure to heat and light.

tags: jack-o-lantern, Halloween, pumpkin, patch, repair

Arm, and Legadillo

These two mutants are an expensive proposition. Both offer hides which make the highest quality Western fashion cowboy gear or motorcycle armor.

tags: armadillo, leather, clothing, Texas


Wherever there is the need to drain excess electrical power you can find these clever mutants. The animal is able to harness electricity through a unique blood chemistry and modified pancreas. The animal can live for many months on water and electricity alone.

tags: anteater, electricity


This impressive mutant is tiny, but capable almost infinite self-replication. Any limb can be removed and will sustain itself as a smaller Mandelbug! Unfortunately this mutant requires Romanesco broccoli as a food source to live.

tags: bug, beetle, Mandelbrot, fractal


This chair is the first in a line of matching, living furniture. ZooTeX developed this plant mutant which comes in chair, sofa, table, and bookshelf breeds. Look for them at your local Swedish shopping center.

tags: fern, furniture, IKEA, useful


A lawn ornament that looks good, and also keeps the grass trimmed? That's the promise of Himmiler-Shlimminer's new Flamingoat! We're impressed by the bright coloration, and the perfect balance this unusual mutant shows.

tags: flamingo, goat, lawn care, ornamental

Melon Collie

Some people find plant/animal hybrids to be depressing, but nothing cheers up any crowd like this mutant! This planimal is happy to be of service. It offers up tasty slices of itself, without pain, on a weekly basis.

tags: watermelon, collie, dog, planimal


Global warming threatens the Outback. Pelikangaroos are better suited to rising oceans, and keep their 'joey' higher up on the body, keeping them warm and dry as waters rise over desert land. Thanks to Kata Tjuta GM Parks for this mutant.

tags: pelican, kangaroo, Australia, global warming