Mutants of the World

As modern methods of genetic manipulation become more commonplace, we endeavor to chronicle the most interesting, helpful, or artful examples of the craft of genetic manipulation.


Once they are given the proper direction of a conductor, these bright avians will row a canoe across even fast-flowing waters.

tags: kestrel, oar, canoe, orchestral, conductor, baton


These tasty Holiday snacks grow on the plant just as you see them here. So far the ZingiberCo. group have only been able get the plant to grow them in giraffe shapes, but other animals are expected soon.

tags: ginger, snap, giraffe, food


This modified boar makes it's own wine.

tags: swine, wine, grapes, pig, food

Lighthouse Angler

Protecting harbors from pirate ships with this decoy lighthouse has become standard procedure in some parts of the world. Thanks to PescaTonk LLC for this composite view of the guard-fish.

tags: ocean, lion fish, angler, defense, ship

Jelly Skull

This decorative item is added to many fish tanks and aquarium displays around Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.

tags: ocean, jellyfish, skull, ornamental


Canada's mounted defense force now utilize these flying mounts instead of horses.

tags: moose, mosquito, ocean, defense, Canada, Mountie


These decorative aquarium pets can be trained to arrange themselves into simple melodies, and then play them out with their jet nossle. While named after the familiar Nautilus, these animals are technically ammonites, and were developed by Paleolabs as part of their project to restore species lost at the end of the Mesozoic era.

tags: note, nautilus, ocean, music, paleo


Finally a fruit-bearing planimal that can pick itself.

tags: gorilla, mango, jungle, planimal, food


tags: ocean, tuna, auto, music

Tree Frog

While not truly a planimal, this highly camouflaged mutant still manages to appear to be a small tree. It has become quite popular among bonsai enthusiasts.

tags: tree, frog, forest, planimal, ornamental