Back in the Day

In the third grade I began saving every penny and mowing lawns to save up for an 8mm movie camera. I also started making 3D posters, flipbook animations, and even began learning to program games on our Apple ][ computer. By the time I was in high school I was producing VHS videos and using an old Amiga computer to create titles and special effects. Here are a few hi lights from that long and storied past.


This is my earliest surviving animation. This flip book was created in 1984, and represents some of my first attempts to struggle with perspective and scale.
In the flip book you'll see a trip on a roller coaster - complete with a major hill, one loop, and banked turns.

"The Four Bergman Bros."

Simulated Silent Film comedy starring the fictional comedy team of the Bergman Bros. Portrayed by Aaron Neathery, Chuck Ivy, Jesse Garson, and Noah Ramon

1991 - S-VHS video